Pretzel socks

by | 10 Apr 2020

The product: Pretzel Socks

Who makes it: Pretzel

The blurb:

Buy online and support Pretzel staff – buying one pair of socks will pay for a 1/2 hour of wages!

The review:

I LOVE these socks! For a start they’re pink and it’s a colour that makes me happy. Super cute, well made and comfy, the best part about these socks is the reason they’ve been created. Brittany Garbutt, owner of Pretzel needed to pivot and fast when she was forced to trade as a take-away only outlet in all her stores.

To save her ‘kids’ as she lovingly calls her staff, Brittany created a line of merch to help pay the wages. Socks and vinyl stickers are just the beginning. The socks are one size fits all and come in two cute styles. The Pretzel – pink and white socks and the Fatty – pink and red socks.

Jump over to Pretzel and buy up big!

Where to buy it: Pretzel $15

Pretzel socks


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