Hi I’m Justine aka Flossi.


It’s nice to connect.

As an entrepreneur and business money expert with 30 years of real business experience and a registered BAS Agent (Business Activity Statement), I get asked for advice about numbers all the time (which I love!).

Much like you, throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I’ve experienced allllll the ups and downs of running a small business. And if there’s one thing I know for sure – there are no shortcuts to success… especially when it comes to the finances.

But along the way, I’ve discovered the practical, tried and tested solutions that solve just about EVERY business pain point. That’s why I’ve made it my life’s mission to share those strategies with other purpose-driven, like-minded women, especially you!✨.

After running multiple bricks and mortar retail stores and TWO successful e-commerce businesses – I understand what you need to create and run a successful business. Now I’m packaging that knowledge up and showing you how to improve profitability and incorporate strategies so you can achieve your financial goals through financial education, one to one mentoring and business coaching, group coaching and online courses. I believe it’s my purpose and I’m on a mission to help as many business owners as possible achieve their success goals, whatever that means to them, in this season of business.

When you have your own business you want to do more than just survive, I’m here to help you thrive. So, if it’s time to take action, stop those 3am ‘where’s all the money gone’ panic attacks, price for profit and incorporate strategies to help you achieve your business goals, then we need to talk!

Business is such a fun, rewarding journey and I’ve been lucky enough to build a beautiful business while raising my four boys and my fur babies too. My hubby David is my biggest cheerleader, the beach is my happy place and I love that I get to live this life on my terms running a business that I love. I hope you get to do that too.

I’d love to chat to you some more so reach out, joing the Flossi Community and let’s all work together to grow our businesses.

Flossi xo

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