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by | 24 Apr 2020

A trailblazer – an innovator, a person who is the first to do something; who makes a new track through wild country. Anita Rosenberg, Director of Destiny at Anita Rosenberg studios is definitely that. Designing and welding metal sculpture before it became a ‘thing’ in ‘Flashdance’; a movie director by age 30, and creator of cult classics ‘Assault of the Killer Bimbos’ and ‘Modern Girls’; and now one of only a few women practicing the art of Qi Men Dun Jia.

I chat to Anita on a rainy Thursday via Zoom from LA and ask her her thoughts on being a trailblazer. “It’s exciting and frustrating when you’re blazing a trail. You’re like the first one with the adventures all behind you. You’ve got your little spotlight to see the way, telling people about all the exciting and new things you’ve discovered. It takes a while to filter back to everyone and filter out to people. I feel like throughout my career I’ve had these grand ideas and interesting visions and by the time everyone caught up with me, I was onto my next thing. Sometimes people are really good at sticking with one thing long enough so everyone can catch up; but I’m one of those people who move on to another reinvention of my creativity”.


Anita began her journey as an artist and filmmaker, attending the San Francisco Art Institute and earning a BFA in sculpture From there, she decided to go to the NYU graduate film school because she “loved making movies”, and got to learn with the likes of Spike Lee. For Anita, “the film making combined so many forms of creativity into one and my goal was to direct a Hollywood film by the age of 30” so it was the perfect fit. In the late 80s, at the age of 29, Anita did just that.

After fourteen years in the film business, mainly writing scripts, Anita was convinced that female film directors “were really going to get a shot to make movies”, unfortunately that was not quite the case. As Anita likes to tell it “even a four-hour lunch with George Clooney could not convince me to stay in the movie business. There just weren’t enough opportunities in the business to really get me to stay”.


Wondering what to do next, Anita started a hand painted furniture business out of her garage in the Hollywood hills. She managed to build a million-dollar business in 5 years. “It was really exciting to have some success after hitting my head against the wall” says Anita. “After having the dangling carrot of next week, next week, next month, next month, this was a nice change”.

As her business grew, Anita, now dubbed the “Queen of painted furniture” in the US, needed to increase shipment volumes, bringing in containers of her designs from China. It was on one of her trips to China to organise stock that she was first introduced to Feng Shui. In an instant Anita’s goal was to learn all she could about Feng Shui and “improve her life”.

Initially studying the practice to improve her booth at the trade shows, her house and her life, Anita found she had a gift for the practice. Now after 19 years, Anita’s interest in meta-physics, spirituality and meditating, has turned into a full-time job. Anita is a Feng Shui expert, an expert in Chinese astrology called Bazi and a practitioner of Qi Men Dun Jia. The latter more the magical, mystical component of Chinese metaphysics. Self-titled Director of Destiny at Anita Rosenberg studios, and Cosmic Coach to the stars, her skills as a practitioner are now sought after by clients around the world.

“Chinese astrology just resonates with me” says Anita. “It’s a pictorial conversation that I get, it’s a different way of communicating very similar information to western astrology”.

Tips for 2020

So, what advice would Anita give us about 2020? “This year is not about being bigger, better, more, it’s really digging deeper, being more transformative; it’s about making meaningful connections with people. It’s causing us to realise that the ‘bigger, better, more’ is now a different type of bigger, better, more.

“Right now, it’s really important to have a side-gig. We all live in the gig economy but if you can create something you’ve always wanted to do, something that’s of interest and then create multiple revenue streams, that’s key. Have a variety of projects that get you excited and passionate.

“This is a very productive time and you really want to come out if it glowing and having a plan. I’ve developed some less expensive products to allow people the opportunity to work with me. For example, Qi Men Fast Track will give you your three top directions to tap into Qi Men energies for healing. I’m also doing a ‘quickie’ Feng Shui which will give you the top five areas of your house for right now. It’s to make sure they’re clean, you’re using them and making the most of the energy in your space.”

According to Anita, rethinking how your business operates and its structure is key this year. “More people than ever are open to things they do not know and don’t understand and cannot see” says Anita.  “There’s a growing interest in Chinese metaphysics, and if you’re not sure where to start, as we say in Chinese astrology, ‘life is too short so hire some who’s better at it than you are’”.

Be adaptable!

“The key this year is you have to be adaptable, you have to be resourceful and adapt to change. It’s like something in the movie business we call a plot point. A plot point is an inciting incident that turns you in a new direction. Sometimes it might be ‘I have to get a job, I have to pay the bills, the world has changed, this business is no longer viable’. Each decision you make in times of change can led to a change in understanding more about yourself, what you want to do, and more importantly what you don’t want to do.”

Right now, Anita is working on her book about lessons learned from Hollywood and where do you go after your big success. She’s interviewed all her award-winning Hollywood friends and can’t wait to share their inspirational stories.

The final word from Anita

Ask yourself now – “where are going to go from here? The day-to-day isn’t going to work anymore. It’s ok not to know, but it’s not ok not to ask.

“Those who are really exploring and digging deep into life, asking who they are and where they want to go; what do they have to give back; and questioning their connections with people, they are going to come out of the other side of this and it’s going to be exciting. It’s going to be an exciting world. It seems a little scary, it’s very fearful right now, we don’t have a timeline; but for those that take this challenge, this is the year for you. Let’s look at the glass half full folk. Let’s invite them to be part of our tribe!”

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