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Finance 101

Get your business EOFY ready with tips from Flossi

Get your business ready for EOFY

Business owners, get ready for end of financial year without the nightmares. Flossi shares tips for a smooth run into the EOFY and a roaring launch into a brand new business year.

Jobkeeper payment

JobKeeper Payment – steps you need to take now

There’s so much information swirling around right now about the stimulus measures available to assist business during the coronacrisis. If you run a business, you’re no doubt wondering what you might be eligible for. With JobKeeper payment at the top that list for many businesses

Victoria Whitelaw Veggie Box

Pivot to survive – staying in business during the Corona Crisis

Have you had to close your business or has your customer base evaporated as a result of the current Corona crisis restrictions? With daily and sometimes hourly changes, as a small business owner it’s never been harder. With backs well and truly against the wall

Life Buoy on wall

Recession ready your business – what to do if Covid-19 hits hard

Novel Covid-19 is well and truly on our doorstep and as a business owner I’m concerned. Like every other business owner my mind is filled with all the “what-if” scenarios I can imagine; what’s likely to be the worst-case scenario; will my business be impacted;

How much will it cost to start my business?

How much will it cost to start my business? That’s the million dollar question and one that so many aspiring business owners find the most daunting. Let’s take a look at everything you might need to consider when starting out.

What’s GST and should I register?

The Goods and Services Tax (GST), is part of the cost of doing business in Australia. It's a broad based government tax applied to most goods and services sold or consumed within Australia. Do you need to register? Let us help you decide.

Keeping your finances in check 101

Hands up if you don't do numbers! Keep your hand up if the idea of setting up the business finances makes you rethink your decision to go into business in the first place. If that’s you, don’t worry; you’re not alone. Business owners often find

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