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The Girls’ Guide to Business

Virtual backgrounds on Zoom

Zooming fun – how to add virtual backgrounds

Anyone else Zooming their way through the Covid19? I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I rarely used Zoom before ‘iso’ and the new world order arrived. Now it’s my go-to for staying in touch with colleagues, family, friends and keeping the connections

Victoria Whitelaw Veggie Box

Pivot to survive – staying in business during the Corona Crisis

Have you had to close your business or has your customer base evaporated as a result of the current Corona crisis restrictions? With daily and sometimes hourly changes, as a small business owner it’s never been harder. With backs well and truly against the wall

Women working from table at home

How to WFH – a guide for employers and employees

Working from home (WFH), the dream of many, but one few of us do well, is now the norm, thanks largely to the new 2020 reality aka Covid-19. As a solopreneur, I've largely been working from home for many years now, but there is an

Starting your business checklist

For most would-be entrepreneurs, when a business idea comes along, by the end of week one they've decided on a business name, website design, what their social platforms will look like, and of course what they are selling. Why not, it’s fun! All too often,

What’s your business structure?

Do you start out as a sole trader; register as a proprietary limited company (Pty Ltd); create a trust or set-up a partnership? Choose the best structure for your business; start here and read our guide.

Social media – today’s business marketing tool

Social media is modern marketing and advertising rolled into one and learning to use it well can take your business to the next level. Confused about which platform is right for you? Read our guide and then decide on your business socials.

Website design made easy!

A well-designed website is easy to use and works every time! Creating your own website requires skill, time, a decent budget and a willingness to experiment with “look and feel”. If in doubt, call in the experts sooner rather than later.  

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