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Riz McDonald

Riz McDonald – Lawyer, Owner of Foundd Legal, Entrepreneur

Rizwana McDonald, or Riz for short, is a disrupter. She’s been a lawyer for 16 years. Still, she doesn’t have an engraved brass shingle bearing her name hanging outside an office building anywhere. Her practice, Foundd Legal, is run 100% online. Riz and her team

Sally Kellett Director at Mirosuna

Sally Kellett – Director of Mirosuna

Mirosuna – the perfect moment to create space for change. It's a word that you won't find defined in any dictionary, but a concept that Mirosuna Founder and Director, Sally Kellett embraces and lives every day. With a studio in Melbourne, Sally, a sound meditation

Brittany Garbutt Owner Pretzel

Brittany Garbutt – Entrepreneur, Founder of Pretzel

Her business philosophy is based on community, ownership and fun. However, it’s that word, fun, that comes up over and over again when I chat to Brittany Garbutt founder of Pretzel, brand creative, a true entrepreneur and bloody impressive business woman. Let’s get to the

Anita Rosenberg

Anita Rosenberg – Trailblazer and Director of Destiny

A trailblazer – an innovator, a person who is the first to do something; who makes a new track through wild country. Anita Rosenberg, Director of Destiny at Anita Rosenberg studios is definitely that. Designing and welding metal sculpture before it became a ‘thing’ in

Anita Rosenberg

A minute with Anita Rosenberg

We spent a minute with Anita Rosenberg, Director of Destiny at Anita Rosenberg Studios, Feng Shui expert and practitioner of Chinese metaphysics.   What is your super power? “Motivation and inspiration. I think I’m good at inspiring and motivating people”.   The motto that you live by, or the best

Brittany Garbutt outside Pretzel

A minute with Brittany Garbutt

We spent a minute with Brittany Garbutt, Entrepreneur and founder of cult brand Pretzel.   The motto that you live by or the best piece of advice you've ever received? “Life is like a circle. So, it has to go down before it can come up again and

Genevra Leek

A minute with Genevra Leek

We spent a minute with the Editor of Elle, Genevra Leek.    What is your super power? "My superpower. That's a tricky one. I think my superpower would have to be my ability to juggle things on the go".   The motto that you live by, or the best piece

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