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Virtual backgrounds on Zoom

Zooming fun – how to add virtual backgrounds

Anyone else Zooming their way through the Covid19? I don’t know if you’re anything like me, but I rarely used Zoom before ‘iso’ and the new world order arrived. Now it’s my go-to for staying in touch with colleagues, family, friends and keeping the connections

Women working from table at home

How to WFH – a guide for employers and employees

Working from home (WFH), the dream of many, but one few of us do well, is now the norm, thanks largely to the new 2020 reality aka Covid-19. As a solopreneur, I've largely been working from home for many years now, but there is an

5 tips for a stress-free holiday

Anyone else get completely stressed before you go on holiday? Here are 5 tips to ensure that your adventure starts out as stress-free as possible.

Create a morning routine that sticks

A morning routine is purely by design, it can include whatever action or ritual you wish; from drinking a glass of water with lemon, to meditation and exercise. It can also simply be about getting out the door on time every day.

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