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Tried and Tested

Zen Mamas Cover

Zen Mamas

The book: Zen Mamas The author: Teresa Palmer and Sarah Wright Olsen Sarah Wright Olsen and Teresa Palmer are the founders of the internationally popular blog Your Zen Mama. It's an online destination for parents that offers clear, reassuring and inspiring advice on every step of the

Balance & Other BS book jacket

Balance & Other B.S

The book: Balance & Other B.S The author: Felicity Harley Felicity Harley has been a journalist for over two decades. Working for some of Australia's leading publications, Felicity was the founding editor of Women's Health. Currently editor-at-large of whimn, she also appeared on Sunrise for over ten

Things to try in Mindful May

6 Ways to get more mindful in May

It's Mindful May and I'm challenging myself to take time out to be more in the moment; create a calm and stillness in my life - who doesn't need that right now; and take the time to enjoy those things that I'm always 'too busy'

Dictionary of lost words

The Dictionary Of Lost Words

The book: The Dictionary of Lost Words The author: Pip Williams Pip Williams was born in London and grew up in Sydney; today she lives on a small farm in the Adelaide Hills with her partner, two boys, and an assortment of animals. She has spent most of

Petzel socks and Buddy the dog

Pretzel socks

The product: Pretzel Socks Who makes it: Pretzel The blurb: Buy online and support Pretzel staff - buying one pair of socks will pay for a 1/2 hour of wages! The review: I LOVE these socks! For a start they're pink and it's a colour that makes me

Simple Soulful Sacred – Megan Dalla-Camina

The book: Simple Soulful Sacred The author: Megan Dalla-Camina The blurb: Simple Soulful Sacred is an irresistible invitation to lead a more meaningful, purposeful and soul aligned life. It’s the guidebook for women who are ready to step out of the hustle and into the flow of intentional

A Real Girl’s Guide To Money – Effie Zahos

The book: A Real Girl’s Guide To Money The author: Effie Zahos The blurb: Sometimes that little voice in your head knows exactly what to ask. "You earn a decent income so why are you still broke?” Or what about this little gem that pops up every so often

Mindful Money – Canna Campbell

The book: Mindful Money The author: Canna Campbell The blurb: A comprehensive, practical and accessible guide to holistic financial wellbeing from the YouTube star and best-selling author of The $1000 Project. We’re always promising ourselves that we are going to get on top of our finances. Finally pay down

The Ultimate Writer’s Journal – Lisa Messenger

The book: The Ultimate Writer’s Journal The author: Lisa Messenger The blurb: The Ultimate Writer’s Journal is the complete guide to becoming an author, telling your story and having your voice heard. These pages unlock the very steps Lisa Messenger, founder of Collective Hub, has taken to write each and

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