How to achieve your business plans this year

by | 18 Feb 2022

Why one per cent improvements beat hustle every time.

Over the last two years, hustle culture has found its way into the vernacular. It’s become the norm for business owners all over the world.

I’ll admit, rather than being one of those relaxed business owners who took to meditating and baking bread during the pandemic, I jumped on the hustle train. Soon, I was working seven days a week. With my business now 100 per cent at home, I found removing myself from work almost impossible. I believed I needed to hustle to succeed, learn more, do more, create new products, get more clients. Everything around me reinforced the hustle; if I snoozed, I was going to lose big time!

Roll forward a crazy, hustle-fuelled eighteen months, and I hit a wall. I felt like I’d been running on a non-stop treadmill and getting nowhere. I wanted to give up. My hustle days had to come to an end. So, I stopped.

Over the next few months, I pulled back the layers on my business. I wanted to understand what success looked like for me and my business in this season of life. So, I looked at what was working and what wasn’t. I thought about what I liked doing, what gave me angst and what I needed to stop doing and, most importantly, what I loved.

Before long, I was in planning mode and looking forward to a brighter year ahead. And just like that, I was off the hustle train, understood what success looked like for me, and I had a solid plan for the new year.

What I learned in those months was that hustle is overrated. Worse, it’s a concept that’s been forced down our throats as part of someone else’s recipe for success. Yep, it’s total BS!

In fact, with my new chilled approach to business, I’ve hit the ground running in the new year. I’m attracting more of my ideal clients and doing more of what I love. I feel more energised, confident and focused. I’ve got boundaries in place, and the best part is I’m not afraid to start work an hour late to fit in a swim at the beach or do some exercise.

So, what did I change in those months of introspection? In a nutshell, I embraced 1 per cent improvements. While I have big goals for my business in 2022, I’m not buying into the overwhelm. Instead, I’ve broken down each business goal and created a series of action items that will get me one per cent closer to my big goal.

I’ll give you an example. The financial health of my business is essential, so I always have a financial goal. This year, it’s an annual revenue target. At face value, it might seem like an impossible task. However, I know from experience that looking down the barrel of a significant dollar figure or profit goal can be daunting. So, to avoid overwhelm, I take that annual target and break it down into a quarterly target. Then, it’s all about the action plan.

What can I do today to get me one per cent closer to achieving that target?

The first step is to look at my services and offers. How many services do I need to provide across all offers to achieve my quarterly goal? Do I need to create something new, or should I devise a marketing push for something that’s already working? What next steps do I need to take, and what can I do every day to continue the momentum? Perhaps it’s as simple as spending one per cent of my time working on list building every day.

Once I know where the potential revenue is coming from, I then look for other ways to move the revenue needle by one per cent. That might mean tightening expenses, increasing prices or outsourcing for efficiency. The point here is that rather than looking for the magic bullet to tick off my goal in one foul-swoop, I look for those small incremental changes that will get me there without the stress.

Over the last few years, we’ve all been encouraged to ‘eat that frog’ daily, but I think the concept is overrated. I liken embracing one per cent change to achieve your goals to exercising. You’re not going to walk into a gym and lift your goal weight on the first attempt, but if you add weight often, in one per cent increments, before you know it, you’ll lift your goal weight. And there might even be less pain and less fatigue on the journey.

And that’s why one per cent of improvements beat hustle every time.

So many business owners now realise they need a plan for their business to ensure success, but they don’t know where to start. Others know what they want to achieve, their goals are set, but they don’t know how to begin the implementation process. Soon enough, they’re stuck in the overwhelm cycle and never take action.

If that’s you and you’re feeling overwhelmed right now, or you need a plan, maybe it’s time to kick hustle-culture to the curb and embrace one per cent improvements as your new normal.

Take the pressure off, give yourself space and let the goals, plans and ideas start to flow.

The Planning Formula is my brand new short course, and it’s available now. The course is based on my popular Planning Masterclass, and it walks you through the tried and tested steps I use to plan my business goals each quarter. So, if you need help with your business goals this year, take a look at The Planning Formula; it’s only $57. There’s also a bonus discount on 1:1 coaching with me for anyone who joins.


Hi, I’m Justine – I’m so happy to find you here. The Flossi Creative blog is a resource for the dreamers, doers and career crusaders. Enjoy!

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