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by | 13 May 2020

Are you thriving or just surviving right now? We’re almost half way through Mindful May and I’m definitely making conscious decisions to include some ‘me’ time in my schedule. I’ve taken on board Lisa Messenger’s “proactive before 10am and reactive after 10am approach” and it’s working … kind of. Meditation is definitely helping; I’m taking time out to spend 30 minutes a day on all of those courses I’ve downloaded but never done; and I’m reading for 30 minutes before bed, a game changer when it comes to getting a better sleep. So, what are you doing in Mindful May? Is it making a difference? I reached out to some friends and asked them to share what they’re changing up in May to set them up for the second half of the year.

Emma Blomfield – Interior Stylist, Author

“I’ve started tracking every single dollar that comes in and out of the business. I was never particularly good at doing this before when I was ‘busy’, back in the pre-Covid days, so I started a spreadsheet in the last week of March. That way I could monitor everything much more closely. It’ a great alternative to logging into the bank account and Xero file each day.

It’s done wonders for keeping me accountable and curbing my spending. Now I can see exactly what’s coming in against exactly what’s going out. Accountability and mindfulness all in one! “

Emma Blomfield

Amber Laidler – Journalist Seven News

Image of Amber courtesy of her Instagram account

“My focus this month is on sleep and drinking enough water. I’m up at 3am on Thursdays and Fridays each week. It’s a harsh adjustment from finishing work at 7pm or even as late as 11pm some nights earlier in the week. Creating a calming space to allow a restful snooze is my biggest focus this month. I notice such a big change in my mood when I’ve been sleeping well. Just ask my husband – or my cameraman who I now work 40+ hours a week with! We’ve been paired up and work from our car as part of our Coronavirus safety measures. He probably witnesses me at my worst. He’s a gem – sorry Henry.

I try to make sure I’m shutting down from technology and in bed with a book and a lavender candle burning (that hubby blows out when he comes to bed) by around 7.30/8pm. With the H2O – I’ve spent the past month or so starting each day with a big glass of warm lemon water which I’m dedicated to continuing. It ensures I’m having lots of vitamin C and is keeping my immune system strong during Covid and as we head into flu season. It’s also a good way to force myself to drink some water first thing in the morning.”

Elle Ferguson – Influencer & Creator of Elle Effect Tan

“I’m focusing on checking in with the people I love. Also touching base with people I know that have been effected by COVID. I’m also looking after myself. “

Image of Elle Ferguson courtesy of her Instagram
Mel Browne

“Hey lovely, have been thinking about this and it’s not just one thing. Personally, I’ve been very conscious to exercise or move every day because I know that’s really helpful for my mental health.

I make sure I’m staying engaged with the key people in my businesses so they feel supported and valued. I stay engaged with my inner circle of friends and advisors so that I feel supported and valued and so do they.

I’ll watch the news sparingly. I read up on different shaped recessions, trends, consumer sentiments and spending patterns and more so I’m informed. And I’m keeping a close eye on the numbers in my businesses so I know what levers to pull. I’m running creative income strategies within them so I’m not just focussed on costs.”

Maha Corbett – Cofounder of Swiish by Sally Obermeder

“I’m really focusing on doing a couple of simple things each day to help me feel my best during these times.

Firstly, I stick to my morning routine which includes having our SWIISH Wellness SUPERGREEN Superfood Powder – it’s full of veggies and superfoods to help give me energy, as well as a huge nutrient boost to kickstart my day. I honestly can’t go a day without it; it makes that much of a difference.

I also try and get outside daily – whether it’s for a walk along the coastline or in a local park – being outside has really helped me to feel calm and grounded. I don’t always feel like doing it, but I give myself a gentle nudge and once I’m out the door I’m always so glad I did it.”

Maha Corbett

Lisa Messenger – Founder & Editor-in-Chief Collective Hub

Lisa Messenger

“We are in a different time and I’ve been witnessing two main schools of thought.  One seems to be that of bunkering down, getting cosy, taking time off and out, playing and just being.  The other is of hustling, grinding and being busier or more productive than ever.  I’m definitely primarily in the latter category. I’ve been using the luxury of time and space to strategise, write and create loads of content.  My output and productivity are through the roof.

We have 37 print products coming out this year and a number of digital offerings.  All of this takes immense amounts of time to create. In my ‘normal’  life I’d be on and off planes most weeks so I’m totally head down, bum up, pumping through it while I have the time.  I decentralized my entire team two years ago so I’m used to the rigour of ‘working from wherever’ (the title of my latest book) and have my rituals, routines, disciplines and tech pretty down pat with a global team.

I pretty well ‘future proofed’ my business two years ago diversifying my revenue streams after I very nearly lost it all in 2017.   Work is my ‘play’ and I love it.  Having said that, I am also VERY consciously taking time to ‘play’ and just ‘be’.  A few weeks ago I googled ‘best board games’ and bought 5 that I’d never heard of. I’ve also created a great ‘home gym’ so am pushing my fiancé and I every day with a new circuit to keep our minds and bodies the best they can be through this time.”

Giselle Perry – Sofia Women’s Circle

“I’m being more mindful by taking a moment every morning, sitting out on the grass and enjoying the garden I’ve planted. A big one, that I’d not done before and am finding very nourishing and calming is paint by numbers. I also sent Nicholas [Giselle’s son] one and we’ve been doing a paint by numbers phone call every week, where we paint together and just chat.  It’s such a meditative flow I am quite amazed!

When we’re not doing that, I pop some music on, particularly liking Pink Martini at the moment, to paint by. Other than that, I loved seeing you yesterday (via Zoom) … I do miss our chats!”

Image of Giselle Perry courtesy of Sofia Women's circle

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