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The book: Purpose

The author: Lisa Messenger

Lisa Messenger, an entrepreneur for entrepreneurs, thought leader and sought after global public speaker. A best-selling author, founder of the Messenger Group and Collective Hub, Lisa has been inspiring millions of business owners all over the world with her open and honest approach to business and what really goes into creating a successful business.

Lisa was a guest on episode 5 of my podcast Secrets of Successful business, where we talked about purpose, how to unleash your why, find your purpose and create a sustainable and profitable business in the process.

The blurb:

A guide to unleashing your why and living your most magical life.  Imagine not just celebrating at the end of the week, but all the days in between. Waking up every day and knowing that you are truely living – with purpose.

Lisa Messenger knows exactly what it feels like to be in a ‘normal’ job, working ‘the man’ and celebrating TGIF. To not be aligned  and excited for the life she was living. Before she started her first business in 2001, that was exactly what her life looked like… moving through the motions, keeping herself small, self sabotaging and eventually hitting rock bottom. Now she’s an international speaker, best-selling author and investor, and through her global platform Collective Hub is igniting human potential and building a community of passionate seekers and doers. She is truly living her best life.

What made the difference? A dose of ‘vitamin Why’.

In Purpose , Lisa wants to help you uncover your true purpose and live your Why out loud. Sharing deeply personal stories, inspiring quotes and affirmations, Lisa compels readers to take their past experiences – the ‘failures’, the not-quite-theres, the ‘could haves’ – let go of regret, say thank you and move into a life you could have previously dreamt of.

Love it all, thank it all and use it all – even the heartaches, adversities and the disappointments. They’ve got you to where you are right now – which is exactly the right place to discover your Why. Life isn’t a dress rehearsal. It’s time to make your mark.

The review:

If you’re serious about discovering your Purpose and translating that into your day to day life, then you need to grab Lisa’s latest book on the topic. It’s like a mini course in a book! There are nine bite-size chapters to work through, with instructions, play sheets, spots for notes and there’s also loads of inspiration throughout. It’s one of those throw in your handbag and pull out on the commute to work, while you’re waiting at school pick-up or when you’ve got five minutes to sit and ponder. I can guarantee by the end of it you’ll uncover something new about yourself and be inspired to pursue your dreams. A must-buy!

Where to buy it: Purpose

Tune in and hear Lisa speak more about purpose on the Secrets of Successful Business Podcast Episode 5

Read more about Lisa on Flossi Creative here.


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