Ep 18: Susan Wilkin – How Standard Operating Procedures will elevate your business.

by | 26 Jul 2021

Susan Wilkin from @adminaholics is the guru when it comes to organisation and behind the scenes business management. Today, she’s chatting about her must have secret for successful business, the standard operating procedure – “SOP”.⁠

Now before you roll your eyes, the truth is that a good SOP can help a business create consistent practices and messaging that can help that business scale quickly and seamlessly. It’s a must-have if you’ve got staff, are considering a new hire or outsourcing. ⁠

Susan is going to teach us all the tips and tricks around SOPs and how to create them. She’s also sharing her recommendations for must-have business software and systems, plus the best way to start out-sourcing.⁠ We also chat about:

  • The difference between a VA and an online business manager.
  • How an online business manager can help in your business.
  • SOPs – what are they, why do you need them in your business and why they’re a game changer.
  • Tips for creating a good SOP.
  • Essential SOPs for service businesses.
  • How to get started when creating SOPs.
  • When to considering outsourcing and how to get started.
  • Susan’s recommendations for must have software to help streamline your business.

Susan Wilkin is the founder of Adminaholics, and has over 20 years’ experience in Executive Office management, assistance and in Customer Service. Susan works with a range of different industries including Management Consulting, Trainers and Speakers, Coaches, Authors, Doctors, Health Professionals, Human Resources, Corporate, Building, Manufacturing and Construction. Regularly engaged to manage to day-to-day of small business, Susan helps her clients build their business by allowing them to focus on the things that they like to do.

Connect with Susan here and download her 81 tasks that you can outsource to a VA or OBM today.

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