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Business Reboot

Develop the skills, strategies and tools you need to help your business grow now and into the future.

If you’ve got 90 minutes, let me help you get started.

Where would you like to see your business in 12 months? Have you got a vision but aren’t sure how to achieve it? 

Do you need to diversify your income streams and look at ways to improve profitability but feel overwhelmed and distracted by all the possibilities?

Perhaps you’ve got a business pain-point and need to find a solution fast.


What you’ll get

A personalized one-on-one 90-minute coaching session where we focus on what you choose to focus on.

You create the agenda.

Strategies to focus on now that will help you achieve your goals.

We’ll do some pre-planning so we won’t waste a minute.

Actionable and practical next steps so you can get started right away.


Cash Flow Forecasting template

Valued at $39.95

When you’re a sole trader or solopreneur, there’s often no neutral voice, no one to bounce ideas off, and no one that understands your unique pain-points.

I get it!

As a business owner, having good people around you is essential.

That’s where I come in with a Business Reboot!

Over 90-minutes, we’ll focus on your business, discuss your vision and create strategies that will help you achieve your business goals. Plus you’ll get my Cash Flow template valued at $39.95 for free!

The best part, it’s only $199

Normal value $279.95

Imagine how you’d feel if you waved a magic wand and had the business of your dreams.

Your ideal customers, excellent cash flow, a thriving purpose-driven business, all while having time to live your best life.


Sound good?

Image of two women in a coaching session

Here are some things we can focus on

  • Improving your profitability by reviewing your existing product – does it actually make you money
  • How to diversify your income streams.
  • What you want to earn in the next 12 months and how to achieve it.
  • Your content platforms, website, socials. Are they as good as they could be?
  • Your brand story – attracting your dream customer and identifying your niche.
  • Your numbers.
  • Outsourcing to save you time and streamline your business.

What Others Say

When I was introduced to Justine, my business world changed for the better very quickly.

Justine asked enough questions to get a snapshot of both me and my business, so a clear plan forward could be provided and executed.  Her attention to detail, and way of explaining things I never thought I would understand, is a constant source of inspiration. 

Justine is a fabulous business coach, and I feel blessed to include her as part of my team.

Janelle Bloom 

 / Culinary In Bloom

Justine is an absolute wealth of knowledge and one of the most generous people I’ve met when it comes to sharing that knowledge.

I started my business aged 24 and wished I’d had someone like Justine to guide me back then!

Emma Blomfield

/ Interior Designer

With a growing fashion design studio, I reached out to Justine to implement STP, new employees and upskill my knowledge of Xero.

After our initial phone consultation and Xero evaluation, Justine provided a clear and concise action plan for our face-to-face training session. The results from our session together were valuable to my business going forward. 

I would highly recommend Justine for her  friendly approach and abundance of business knowledge.

Toni Noonan

/ Studio Elastica

‘Justine was a pleasure to work with. Clean and clear communication – and most importantly, a ‘can do’ attitude that translated into impeccable work. It’s rare to find someone that understands business as well as they know the content. Justine walks that line like a professional.

Julie Maters

/ Inside Influence

Image of JustineMY NAME IS…Justine aka Flossi

I’ve got over 18 years experience setting up and running small businesses, made the mistakes and learned the hard way. I’ve got strategies and solutions for just about every problem you’re facing. From the GFC in 2007/2008, the e-commerce shopping revolutions to the ‘discount for discount sake” revolution in retail; I’ve seen it all.

I’ve had bricks and mortar stores and created the ‘destination’ stores of the early 2000s that became the ‘go-to’ business model. Online sites that sold ‘everything’, then just one thing with success. It’s been hard work, fun, stressful, exhausting and exhilarating and the best teacher I could have ever imagined.

I’m ready to give back to the next generation of business owners, and I can’t wait to work with you.

Let me be your 90-minute business partner, help you navigate those tricky problems or business pain-points and get you back on track.

Have a question?

A regular 90-minute session with me would cost $240. So why is this offer so cheap?

That’s easy! Right now, as solopreneurs, we’re in unchartered waters. Who knows what the rest of 2020 will bring. My goal is to help as many business owners as possible right now. I want to do this by providing one-on-one sessions that will save time, money and create sure-fire strategies to move your business in the right direction.

Is this a one and done or will I have to commit to ongoing sessions?

This is a one and done. You’ll finish the session with a list of actionable steps to get you on your way. There is no need to book another session with me unless it’s something you’d like to do.

I’m too busy right now. How long will this offer last?

Business Reboot is a limited time offer. You’ll need to book in before 30 June 2020 and use your session before 31 July 2020.

I’m not sure if this is right for this stage of my business.

I work with people at every stage of business; from those with a side-hustle who’ve only just got an ABN, to business owners running the show for ten years or more. If you’ve got a concern, I’m confident that I’ve heard it before and can help.

Do I need to do anything before the session?

To achieve maximum results in our session, I ask you to complete a short questionnaire beforehand. I get you to tell me a bit about your business, where you’re at right now, what your pain-points are and where you’d like to be in 12 months. It will help identify what we need to cover, make us accountable and ensure that you get the most out of your session.

Can you guarantee results?

I can’t guarantee business success, but I can promise that we’ll work through the issues and come up and develop an actionable game plan that suits your business.

I am committed to helping you succeed, but there’s no magic wand used in this process, it’s all about teamwork. So, you’ll need to roll your sleeves up and get ready to work. I can’t wait to work with you!

What’s the refund policy?

Once you’ve booked your session, I’ll send you an invoice and ask that make payment before our session. If you need to cancel, I get it; life can sometimes get in the way. We can always rebook the session. But if you really can’t find time in your diary or something changes before our session, I’ll refund any money you’ve paid. However, once we’ve completed our session, I don’t offer refunds.

I can’t wait to work with you, but if you need more information, contact me using the handy little form below.

Flossi xo

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