I create Copy that converts

wordy assets are my thing

I write for individuals, small business, printed publications, Blogs and social assets. I can help you create your unique brand voice and build your content strategy with SEO optimised copy that converts.

Let me do the heavy-lifting when it comes to writing copy so you can get on with doing better business!


Blog Articles

Love me a good blog! Flossi Creative is proof that a good blog post goes a long way. We have hundreds of visitors reading our content daily.

Let me create content that speaks to your audience, makes you the voice of authority and keeps them coming back for more.

Website Content

It starts with a unique brand voice that helps your business stand out from the rest.

No matter what you do, let’s dive into what your brand is all about and create content that will convert your vistors into loyal customers.


Sales and Landing Pages

A good sales or landing page can do all of the heavy lifting for your business.

Whether it’s a landing page, splash page, or a sales email sequence, with 20 plus years experience as a business owner on my side, I know how to sell without the sleaze. 

Branding and Content Strategy

Need to define your audience, explore what makes your business unique or why you do it better than your competitor?

Do you need help with your content strategy, what to create and post and when?

I love getting into brand nitty-gritty and defining what your audience wants and how to deliver it.

Product Descriptions

 I write killer descriptions that will make you want to buy your own product!

From teddy bears to lingerie and everything in between, let me create a product description that’s unique and fun. 

Perfectly Put Together Podcasts

With over one million podcasts out there in cyberspace you need to make yours standout.

Podcasting is more than just talking on the fly. You need an engaging intro, an outro that leaves them wanting more, and an on-brand script that resonates with your audience. 

Make Your Content a Priority.

If you need a reliable freelance content creator then I’m your gal.

I’m committed to preparing SEO optimised content in your tone of voice that fits with your brand guidelines.

Whether it’s content for your website, social media, blog, sales page or magazine, I’m able to write on a range of topics and in a variety of styles. I’ll get the job done ontime and within budget every time. 

Turn your traffic into loyal customers and return visitors. Don’t miss out!

here’s what my clients are saying

Justine was a please to work with. Clean and clear communication and most importantly a 'can-do' attitude that translated into impeccable work. It's rare to find someone that understand business as well as they understand content. Justine walks that line like a professional.

Julie Masters, CEO @ Influence Nation

The world of blogging is very new to us and our small business, feeling overwhelmed by writing ourselves we needed some professional help. We looked over lots of copywriters but knew Justine was the perfect fit as soon as we spoke to her. Incredibly experienced in writing and SEO, professional, down to earth and super easy to work with. We are so glad we booked Justine, she went above and beyond to create something that truly exceeded our expectations.

Renee Drayton, Founder @ Mini Minx

Thanks Justine, your email sequence was perfect. It has a lovely light tone which is great and I can adapt it to suit my clients.

Joanne Smith, CEO @ Hatfield House Facilitation

Brilliant. Thank you!

Katie Allan, CEO @ Habitat Property Agents

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