So, you want to be a yoga instructor?

The profession – what’s a yoga instructor?

A yoga instructor is a professional trained in the use of postures or asanas, and proper pranayama, or breathing techniques. A yoga instructor endeavours to help students develop a ‘practice’ around a specific style or type of yoga; developing balance, flexibility, strength and a calm mind. There are various styles of yoga such as Bikram, Yin, Vinyasa, Ashtanga, Iyengar and Power to name a few.


To become a registered yoga teacher (RYT) in Australia, you will need to complete a minimum 200 hour face-to-face course accredited with either Yoga Alliance or Yoga Alliance. You will also need to complete a minimum of 500 hours face-to-face teaching.

For more information visit Yoga Australia. In Sydney Body Mind Life conducts yoga teacher training throughout the year.

After completing yoga teacher training, Katie from Soul Tiger Yoga, suggests “that it’s important you receive on-go-going mentoring from more experience teachers. You also learn a lot when you start working with bodies. The more I teach yoga the more I learn”.

A typical day …

Yoga instructors will teach multiple classes a day as well as getting in their own practice; it’s definitely NOT a 9-5 work day. Classes could be early in the morning, throughout the day or late in the evening. Depending on your discipline, they may vary in style and intensity.

If you are also a studio owner like Katie, your day will also involve working on various aspects of the business. From marketing and advertising to accounts and connecting with members. No two days are the same.

The best part …

Speaking to yoga instructors about their job, it’s clear that it’s more than just work, for most, it’s a vocation. “Witnessing my students experience yoga” and “being of service to others” are common themes. For Katie it’s about “the students; the teachers; the people!  I meet incredible people every day. I work in a healing, friendly environment and I love being by my own boss”.

Advice for the would-be yoga instructor …

” Follow you heart and not the money” says Katie. “Teaching yoga and being a yoga studio owner won’t make you rich! However, the rewards are great and plentiful.”

“Helping students to heal their bodies and providing a safe space for people to come and move their body and ultimately change their life” is the reason Katie does what she does.

Try a career as a yoga instructor if …

  • Yoga is your thing and you LOVE it;
  • You are committed to bettering the lives of your students;
  • Enjoy teaching, continually learning and putting that into practice;
  • Want a flexible, family friendly career.



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