The Invisible Load – Dr Libby Weaver

by | 25 Aug 2019

The book: The Invisible Load

The author: Dr Libby Weaver

The blurb:

A guide to overcoming stress and overwhelm.

It’s common today to hear people talk about how they feel overwhelmed. There are also plenty who put on a brave face, but behind closed doors it’s a different story.

Where is this stress coming from? Is it really our tasks, duties and responsibilities—or is it something deeper? And why are stress levels continuing to rise?

The answer: our invisible loads.

Our invisible load is the stress we carry, that no one sees, that drives how we think and feel. From the physical load on our body, to the emotional load in our mind, this invisible load is what really sits at the heart of our stress. And until we learn to unpack this, reducing our experience of stress will be almost impossible.

In this carefully considered book, Dr Libby Weaver helps you to illuminate your invisible load to provide insight into what’s driving the sense of overwhelm you feel for everyday tasks.

The review:

First off, total disclaimer and full disclosure here, I adore Dr Libby! I am a huge fan of her philosophies in general; but particularly what she has to say about the consequences of stress on our body and in our lives. After attending a full weekend event with her years ago, I am convinced that you will not find a kinder, more dedicated human on this planet.

The Invisible Load tackles two main areas. The “body load” where Dr Libby explains how stress impacts the body, our vital organs and hormones; how this in turn impacts our day-to-day lives and ultimately our health. The second area, and the one I found most helpful, the “mind Load”. Mind load is all about helping cultivate kindness and patience in you for yourself. It addresses the way we think; how to either accept that or work on changing it in order to reframe our stress.

Dr Libby is definitely on a mission to help us understand ourselves and the impact of stress on our longevity and well-being. I have put into practice only a few take-aways from this book and I already feel the invisible load lightening…just a little.

If you are interested in understanding more about the impact that stress has in your life, and learn about some tools to help reduce it, this book is absolutely one to pop into your shopping cart.

Where to buy it: The Invisible Load – ebook from $24.95


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