The Ultimate Writer’s Journal – Lisa Messenger

The book: The Ultimate Writer’s Journal

The author: Lisa Messenger

The blurb:

The Ultimate Writer’s Journal is the complete guide to becoming an author, telling your story and having your voice heard.

These pages unlock the very steps Lisa Messenger, founder of Collective Hub, has taken to write each and every one of her twenty plus books; best-sellers as well as the hundreds of books and thousands of articles published for others. Sharing the practical tools, steps, checklists, guides and worksheets. All you need to have your words flowing more freely, boldly and creatively than ever before.

The Ultimate Writers Journal will give you the key to plan every aspect of your book, from cover to cover and beyond, considering everything from content, budget, timelines, design & print, marketing, PR & more!

It’s time to get your story heard!

The review:

If you have ever thought about writing a book but have no clue where to begin, then this is the book for you. Providing an insight into the world of publishing, who does what; and clearly outlining the journey from idea to published tome, this title demystifies the process for the reader.

All too often we are held back from starting our dream journey simply because the process seems so over-whelming. It’s easier to wait for “one day” instead of seizing the moment. The Ultimate Writer’s Journal will not only give you your “start here” moment, but through a series of prompts, checklists and practical tools will help you move through the process with ease. Of course, it’s not as easy as the last sentence makes it sounds; having something to write about is key, but what a great place to begin.

I was so inspired by this book I am now brainstorming content. And whilst Christopher Hitchens may attest that “everyone has a book in them, but in most cases that’s where it should stay”, who knows, I might have a book in me yet. I am encouraged to find out!

Where to buy it: The Ultimate Writer’s Journal $39.95



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