What’s stopping you?

by | 27 Jan 2020

What’s your dream for this new decade? Do you want to start your own business; become financially independent; find a job that you really love or find the courage to start that side-hustle? Your dreams and goals matter! So, what’s stopping you?

Here’s the most common reasons people give up pursuing their goals and dreams and ways to overcome the overwhelm.

You like to dream about your future but that’s all it is – just a dream.

Whilst our dreams and setting goals can help us clarify where we want to go and what we want to do with our lives, they mean nothing if they just stay stuck in your head. Dreams are important. They can provide us with guidance, keep us motivated, and inspire us to improve our lives and find our purpose. So, next time you sit down and dream consider this:

  • Write them down – you can do this exercise daily, weekly or monthly. Have a book that’s all about dreams and goals – write down your dreams – all of them! Review them often, change them when you need to. You’ll change as you grow and your dreams can too.
  • Shout your dreams to the world – or maybe just a few good friends. Saying your dreams out loud and often bring them to life and can turn them into a reality.

You don’t know how to dream!

Kristina Karlsson, founder of Kikki K, and author of Your Dream Life Starts Here, says that we all have the power to dream and change our life in the process. She challenges us to ask these questions “What would you do if you knew you could not fail?” and “What would you do with your life if you had all the time and money you needed?”.

If you’re struggling to write down your dreams, try using these questions as a starting point.

You’ve set yourself a HUGE goal or a list of seemingly impossible tasks. Now aren’t sure how to achieve any of them and overwhelm has set in.

  • Re-edit and set yourself bite size tasks. Grab that dream journal and dedicate a page to every dream. Now you’ve got the end goal sitting at the top of the page, work backwards and set out all of the steps required to achieve your dream or goal. Create a “to-do” list and get started!
  • Set realistic dates to achieve each of the items on your “to-do” list. Check in with yourself weekly and make a note of your progress. If you don’t achieve a deadline, don’t punish yourself, ask yourself what happened (be kind!) and then set a new deadline.
  • Be able to measure your progress.
  • Engage a mentor, business coach or buddy to help you stay on task and make you accountable.
  • Give yourself a reward when you achieve something.

You think you might fail!

Self-doubt, fear of being judged and most of all fear that you might fail can be paralysing. But rather than let others chart your course, or worse, let your own thoughts get the better of you, consider what you might feel like in the future if you never try. Will you be filled with regret, spending countless hours wondering “what-if”? That’s one option for sure.

Instead, why not change the narrative? Rather than be afraid of failure, look at failure as a teacher. Next time you’ll know what to do differently. You’ll gain invaluable experience, resilience and grow from your failure.

Most importantly understand that it’s ok to fail; it’s part and parcel of business and life. Then next time you’re worried you might fail, ask yourself “what’s the worst thing that can happen?”. Your answer will probably surprise you.

You’re lacking in confidence and under estimate your ability.

Human beings are pretty remarkable. Whilst self-belief can be an elusive quality for some, today there are so many resources available at your finger-tips, there is really no need to be lacking in confidence.

Going into business, starting something new, or making a life change can be overwhelming. So, use the internet and research what you don’t know. Ask for help, reach out to professionals and friends when you need to. Talk to someone that you trust, ask them to remind you of just how capable you are and champion your goals.

There’s a lack of resources …

No time, no money, no motivation! AKA excuses and, in my experience, the common reasons people tend not to pursue their goals. Tough truth – you’ll probably never have “enough” resources to do what you really want to do, so rather than waiting for the right time, just start!

Remember you’re never too old, too young, or too inexperienced to follow your dreams. Dreams give you something to look forward to, they can bring you joy and help you find your life’s purpose. So, why not dream BIG! BIGGER! BIGGEST!


Hi, I’m Justine – I’m so happy to find you here. The Flossi Creative blog is a resource for the dreamers, doers and career crusaders. Enjoy!

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